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BioRePeelCL3 FND 1 x 6ml


BioRePeelCl3 is an innovative biphasic medical device with the biostimulating, revitalizing and peeling actions, with trichloroacetic acid (TCA) as the main ingredient.

An innovative, biophase treatment peel, BioRePeel dissolves bonds between cells allowing it to gently slough off that dulling, top layer of skin, sans downtime, to reveal smooth and glowing underneath. While it exfoliates and removes that thorny top layer, it also stimulates new collagen, new elastin and new growth. A natural astringent, the formula is able to penetrate pores and give them a nice deep clean, removing blocked pores and super stubborn blackheads that no amount of facials can erase. As a microbial and antibacterial treatment, it will also help with acne and the redness that accompanies it. Thankfully too, it then shrinks pore size after it’s rinsed them out for something all together more refined. And it does it all gently, which means even the youngest and most sensitive of skins can rely on this treatment.

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